What is

World needs an influx of designers and developers who can focus on creating engaging games from the ground up with blockchain technology as a feature, and not the entire product. Until an ecosystem facilitates that by addressing the pain points for both developers and players, blockchain games will not be able to realize their full potential.

Monetize your game

CoinGamers brings a no-hassle solution for your project. We will provide all the supporting layers to implement the Play2Earn model and blockchain-powered gaming. We do what we know best so you can do what you love.

Blockchain development

Make the most bang for your buck and do what you know best - game development. CoinGamers will take care to bring you: a seamless user onboarding widget, blockchain wallets, NFT minting tool and marketplace, a fiat on-off ramp and many other blockchain and payment channels as needed.

Expert advisory team

Our experts have you covered. No need for a deep dive - we will provide a simple API to connect to and run all operations needed. Your users never need to leave the game to reap the benefits of Play2Earn.

Game developers and SDKs

For developing and converting original, engaging games to have blockchain-based features.

Players and single sign-on experience

With access to a variety of high-quality blockchain games without the need for prior crypto/blockchain experience.

Gamers and Publishers ownership

Easy creation, distribution and trading of user-owned in-game assets (NFTs) useable across different games.

Crypto monetization

Use of a single utility token to power various ecosystem functions, including but not limited to governance rights, operational utility and DeFi features such as conversion, staking and lending of digital assets and more.

Web3 Gaming

The merger of traditional video games with blockchain technology is inevitable, and even desirable, as blockchain-based features such as independent asset ownership, value generation & distribution, and decentralized governance are gaining recognition.
the problem

Bad games, skeptical developers, wary users

Games, by definition, are supposed to be entertaining and engaging experiences. Unfortunately, the majority of crypto/NFT/blockchain games are designed with little to no attention to actual gameplay mechanics.
the solution

Need Platform with a games-first approach

A one-stop platform that prioritizes game development, provides infrastructure for the integration of blockchain-based features and serves as a hub for crypto and non-crypto savvy gamers to access high-quality blockchain games.

Creating the blue ocean

Ownership over assets
High security
Decentralised publisher
No fun gameplay
Complex onboarding
No interoperability
all games
Easy Access
Fun to Play
Non-Tech understanding
Centralised Game
Lack of profitability
No ownership for gamers
No interoperability
Seamless onboarding
Fun to Play
Player and publisher ownership
Non crypto-savvy
Revenue possibillities
Ownership guaranteed
High security

Tokenomics & Utility


Ownership of the governance token, CGAME, gives holders rights as principal agents in operating the ecosystem through the distributed network voting system.


CGAME tokens will be used to pay network fee for the dedicated Coingamers subnet on Avalanche and blockchains on other Layer 1 protocols in the future.
Multiple use-cases both on Gamers and Game developer sides.


Early Supporters - 3.000%
Seed Round - 6.000%
Private Round - 8.500%
IDO - 3.000%


Community/Staking - 34.000%
Liquidity & Market Making - 6.500%


Research - 4.000%
Partners & Ecosystem - 6.000%
Team - 16.000%
Game Incubations - 7.000%
Advisors - 6.000%

Use of Proceeds

Marketing & Content
Product & Technology
Operation & Legal
Exchange Listing
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Ecosystem and Pilot

The center of excellence of coingamers ecosystem where new ideas are being incubated and developed to successful ventures.
The new standard for games is already set by play2moon as its organic presence for search results will be generating tons of views of interested gamers all over the world.
Not just another launchpad in the over-saturated landscape but an exclusive entry point for inexperienced gamers to participate in early access to coingamers titles.

Pilot game

And all of these - can be seen behind the success story of Time Shuffle - the first web3 based game, facilitating CoinGamers full potential!


Green triangle


  • Concept building
  • Tech stack infrastructure map
  • Blockchain analyses
  • Product Infrastructure launch
  • Rocketplays game incubator and accelerator vehicle
  • ‍First Game onboarding - Time Shuffle
  • ‍GameIgnition Token Launchpad development start
  • Play2moon Media launch
Green triangle


  • Technical whitepaper preparation
  • GameIgnition VIP Launchpad ready
  • Module: NFT Primary sale API dev
  • CoinGamers API and SDK foundation setup
  • Avalanche Blockchain preliminary R&D
  • Defining Time Shuffle Web3 endpoints for API
Green triangle


  • GameIgnition VIP Launchpad smart contracts audit
  • Module: NFT Primary sale Smart Contracts Audit
  • Module: Kick-off Single Sign-On API and Gamers Community Hub
  • Module: Kick-Off Seamless Wallet and Assets Management API (iDeFi)
  • Module: FIAT enabled NFT launchpad and API development R&D
  • Mint on demand
  • Blockchain RNG on demand for minting assets
  • Fiat Implementation on Fungible Token Launchpad and Primary NFT mintplace
  • 2 more games incubated
  • 1st NFT drop/mint for Time Shuffle via CoinGamers Mint on Demand API
Green triangle


  • Technical whitepaper preparation
  • GameIgnition VIP Launchpad ready
  • Module: NFT Primary sale API dev
  • CoinGamers API and SDK foundation setup
  • Avalanche Blockchain preliminary R&D
  • Defining Time Shuffle Web3 endpoints for API
Green triangle


  • iNFT implementation in API
  • Module: Guilds API upgrade
  • Module: Single Sign On API and Gamers Community Hub and Seamless wallet SDK
  • DeFi features upgrade
  • NFT Marketplace launch with cross-chain features
  • FIAT implementation in P2P NFT Marketplace (CGAME intermediary)
  • 4 more games onboarded
  • Mobile Development Kit
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